Varieties from North Macedonia

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Giant plant (with giant fruits)

Variety from North Macedonia
Tetovac big white Bean Seeds 1.95 - 1

Tetovac big white Bean Seeds

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<h2><strong>Tetovac big white Bean Seeds</strong></h2> <h2><span style="color: #ff0000;" class=""><strong>Price for Package of 20 seeds.</strong></span></h2> <p>Beans Tetovac is extremely big. The most popular beans in Serbia. One of the best and oldest varieties of beans in Serbia and Macedonia. It is the old, original variety Tetovac, which hardly anyone today has in Serbia. Today you can find Tetovac beans in any store.&nbsp; But what kind of?&nbsp; Tetovac which is sold in stores is generally hybridized and even imported from China. Also, seeds are smaller and thinner.</p> <p>Our Tetovac is the old original variety.</p> <p>This variety comes from the Macedonian town of Tetovo area.</p><script src="//"></script>
VE 145 (11g)
Tetovac big white Bean Seeds 1.95 - 1